Street lighting for people and habitat.

Our range of wooden street lights creates the desired atmosphere for any setting. This wooden street light is unique in both functionality and design. Thus, the wooden lampposts can be applied along roads, bicycle and walking paths and parking lots, for example. The lighting is designed with nature and aesthetics in mind. The products are expertly produced using innovative machinery. The result is a beautiful and rustic look.

Houten parkeerverlichting - STRATO Timberlab

Wooden street lights from Timberlab

The assortment of wooden lamp posts creates a welcoming atmosphere for a warm welcome. For example, the wooden lampposts can be applied to vacation parks, schoolyards, parks, healthcare facilities and business parks. One can choose, for example, our STRATO, loved by many customers for its beautiful and rustic appearance.

Is the desire for a robust, authentic wooden lamp post? Then the ALTO is a particularly good option. This durable wooden lamp post looks great in any place; a parking lot in the middle of the woods, a nature campsite or a zoo. Thus, we have already found a suitable lighting solution for many clients where the wooden outdoor lighting is one with nature or is part of the public space.

Clearly lit without nuisance to the surrounding area

Like our other wooden outdoor lighting, these products are available in different light colors. Choose from 2,200k, 3,000k (standard), 4,000k and Amber (bat-friendly). See more information about our light colors here. In addition, the wooden lampposts are very energy-efficient (18 or 36 watts), allowing you to enjoy an atmospheric and safe environment for an extra long time.

Houten straatverlichting - STRATO Timberlab

The answer to your sustainability question

Experience, combined with craftsmanship and innovative technology, provides answers to a CSR issue that many organizations and companies are seeking answers to.

Our truthers contribute to and reflect this sustainability vision. They are, and bring the distinction! Beautiful sustainability is what we’re all about!

This is how we help build a changing landscape where nature and technology go together responsibly. From wooden outdoor lighting to solar solutions, from business parks to natural areas, and at home and abroad.

With less impact more impact!