Public lighting with sustainable wooden products

The public space should be accessible and safe. This is based on the principle that the outdoor space should be disturbed as little as possible. Timberlab products are unique in both functionality and design. The natural, wooden, products offer aesthetic added value which enriches the environment.
Houten lantaarnpaal - STRATO Timberlab

Of course, the solution in durable outdoor lighting!

Contributing to a more beautiful, sustainable world with, and through our smart solutions. We invent and create products such as outdoor wooden lighting that reduce the impact on nature, allowing people and habitat to live in synergy with each other.

The products can be assembled as desired. For example, we can provide smart control of the light fixture, which lights up brighter when you walk by, for example. In addition, we can provide the masts with connection hatch with fuse box. Other requirements we are happy to go over with you.

By offering different types of light colors and optics, we can create the desired light image for almost any situation. We take into account the environment, function, atmosphere and appearance. By drawing up a lighting plan, we can visualize this well.
Is the desire for a robust, authentic wooden lamp post? Then the ALTO is a particularly good option. This durable wooden lamp post looks great in any place; a parking lot in the middle of the woods, a nature campsite or a zoo. Thus, we have already found a suitable lighting solution for many clients where the wooden outdoor lighting is one with nature or is part of the public space.

A public space where you feel at home

More than just public lighting? Complete the layout with our other solutions:

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The answer to your sustainability question

Experience, combined with craftsmanship and innovative technology, provides answers to a CSR issue that many organizations and companies are seeking answers to.

Our truthers contribute to and reflect this sustainability vision. They are, and bring the distinction! Beautiful sustainability is what we’re all about!

This is how we help build a changing landscape where nature and technology go together responsibly. From wooden outdoor lighting to solar solutions, from business parks to natural areas, and at home and abroad.

With less impact more impact!