The EYE is a contemporary path light, one of the most popular products in the Timberlab range. With its sleek design and high-quality materials, the EYE is an excellent choice for lighting paths, driveways and gardens. With its versatile design, various available sizes and wood species, the EYE suits a variety of outdoor environments, from residential gardens, to parks and public spaces.

The EYE not only illuminates paths, but also creates an atmospheric and safe ambience that invites you to be outdoors. In addition, due to its natural aging, the fixture is quickly absorbed into the outdoor environment.

Light source: TBL path light module
Available light colors: 2,200K (warm white), 2,700K (extra warm white), 4,000K (cool white) and amber (593nm)
Wood species: Accoya, Douglas fir (on footrest only), oak or chestnut

  • 10 x 10cm
  • 15 x 15cm

Voltage: 230 volts
Power per LED module: 2.4 watts
Lumen output per LED module:

  • 2,200K (warm white) = 109 lm
  • 2,700K (extra warm white) = 121 lm
  • 4,000K (cool white) = 153 lm
  • Amber = 47 lm

Beam angle: 155 x 65 degrees
IP class: IP54 (protected against dust and water)
Hallmark: FSC or PEFC

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Durability class III, service life 10-15 years
Durability class II, service life 15-25 years
Durability class II, service life 15-25 years
Durability class I, service life >25 years

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EYE used in

Houten padverlichting - EYE Timberlab

Avans University of Applied Sciences

Houten lantaarnpaal - Timberlab


Houten padverlichting - EYE Timberlab

blooming hotel

Houten straatverlichting - STRATO Timberlab

Bospark Ede

Houten padverlichting - EYE Timberlab

Fort Hoofddijk

Houten padverlichting - EYE Timberlab

Hotel de Sterrenberg

Houten lantaarnpaal - STRATO Timberlab

Hotel and Bistro Herikerberg

Houten padverlichting - EYE Timberlab

Hothorpe Hall

Houten padverlichting - EYE timberlab

Rural private residence

Houten padverlichting - PUNTO Timberlab

Luxury private residence

Houten padverlichting - EYE Timberlab

Minicamping ‘t Boomgaardje

Houten straatverlichting - STRATO Timberlab


Houten straatverlichting - STRATO Timberlab

Triodos Bank

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