The BOSCO is a sturdy path light made of chestnut roundwood, giving it a tough and natural look. With its TBL path light module, it offers a wide range of light colors, making the BOSCO perfect for different atmospheres and environments.

The BOSCO is designed to withstand the elements, its IP54 rating, which provides protection against dust and water, assures of that. With its combination of toughness and natural look, the BOSCO is the perfect choice for lighting paths in natural areas, parks and at campgrounds, for example.

Light source: TBL path light module
Available light colors: 2,200K (warm white), 2,700K (extra warm white), 4,000K (cool white) and amber (593nm)
Wood species: Chestnut Roundwood
Voltage: 230 volts
Power per LED module: 2.4 watts
Lumen output per LED module:

  • 2,200K (warm white) = 109 lm
  • 2,700K (extra warm white) = 121 lm
  • 4,000K (cool white) = 153 lm
  • Amber = 47 lm

Beam angle: 155 x 65 degrees
IP class: IP54 (protected against dust and water)
Hallmark: PEFC

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BOSCO used in

Natural private residence

The Meadows at Polehanger

RCN het Grote Bos

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