Bicycle charging poles made of wood.

Our range of charging stations consists of a number of types both for cars and bikes. Our bike charging posts are characterized by a beautiful wooden design with an integrated connection.
Houten oplaadpaal - SPINA Timberlab

Wooden bicycle charging station by Timberlab

Beautiful inconspicuous wooden charging poles ensure that you provide a nice extra service to your guests. Good to apply in the park, camping, private or catering. The Spina and the Carico are ideal for charging your guests’ electric bikes, as well as connecting other electrical equipment. The Spina and the Carico charging station is available with a single or with two sockets and with or without a bicycle charging logo. In addition, of course, the product is also available with variations (upon request). For example, we can combine the wooden charging station with a water tap point or with lighting.

The answer to your sustainability question

Experience, combined with craftsmanship and innovative technology, provides answers to a CSR issue that many organizations and companies are seeking answers to.

Our truthers contribute to and reflect this sustainability vision. They are, and bring the distinction! Beautiful sustainability is what we’re all about!

This is how we help build a changing landscape where nature and technology go together responsibly. From wooden outdoor lighting to solar solutions, from business parks to natural areas, and at home and abroad. With less impact more impact!