Wall luminaires

Our wall luminaires are a valued addition to our range of outdoor wooden lamps. For example, a combination of fixtures can be selected in the same style and wood type, thus creating a real unity in the outdoor environment. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these wall lights are widely used on porches and at entrances to homes, offices and public buildings.





Personalizable and unique

When a wall lamp is hung next to the entrance of a house or fixture, Timberlab offers the possibility of engraving house numbers, names, or company names. This gives the lamp a dual function, but also creates a unique and personal appearance. Besides the option of personalization, Timberlab also offers various customization options. From different dimensions to a completely personalized design, Timberlab is happy to assist with a tailored solution.

Wood types for wall fixtures

The BRONCO wall lamp is supplied in chestnut wood. This wood type is very durable and therefore long-lasting. However, the WALLY is available in several wood types, including douglas fir, oak, chestnut, or Accoya. Each wood type has a different durability class, unique characteristics, and a specific appearance.

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