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Lighting for dynamic public space

Public space should accommodate all kinds of activity: from biking or parking to shopping and playing outside. This includes solutions that focus on good orientation, a pleasant atmosphere, attractive to look at and well-maintained. Good lighting contributes to traffic safety, social safety and livability of public spaces. Timberlab offers a wide range of energy-efficient LED fixtures for a variety of interior and exterior applications.

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Discover Timberlab’s distinctive features: energy efficient, sustainable, attractive and with options for customization.

Minimal light pollution
Our products are designed to minimize light pollution. Thus, the biorhythms of plants, animals and people are not disturbed, so biodiversity in vulnerable areas is not put under pressure. In addition, Timberlab offers the option of amber lighting to avoid disturbing bats.
Optimal visibility and safety
Our lighting solutions are designed with optimal visibility and safety in public spaces in mind. By combining advanced technologies and thoughtful designs, we ensure that our fixtures emit bright and even light, improving visibility for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.
Community involvement
Timberlab is socially close to the people around us. We believe in social responsibility and actively engage in the community. For example, we collaborate with a sheltered workplace, provide employment opportunities for people who need additional support, and are heavily involved in our village and the broader environment.
We strive to meet the highest sustainability standards, with products made from natural and renewable materials.
Innovation in our DNA
Timberlab is an innovator. We like to be challenged in co-creation to come up with new solutions and collaborate with researchers and universities.
Beyond our standard range, we like to think with our customers to develop the solution that meets all the requirements and needs of a project.

Projects within the Public space sector

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Brede School

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Fort Hoofddijk

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Lighting solutions in public spaces

In public spaces, where various users meet, practical and logical lighting solutions are essential to create a pleasant environment. Whether promoting road safety, social safety or livability, the choice of lighting within built-up areas is of great importance. For roads with a traffic function, high speed and intensity, higher illuminance is required, while a residential street or yard may possibly have lower illuminance. Timberlab offers lighting solutions tailored to these diverse situations both inside and outside of built-up areas. Our expertise extends to providing traffic-safe lighting and orientation lighting that closely matches the needs and destinations of various outdoor spaces.

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